Moe Cult Circle 萌え カルト サークル

As the winds of a new seasons change upon the downtrodden people, the brodly shared and quite broken emotions bring a variety of odd creatures into life. Each era brings significantly diffrent challenges to the people, and their purpose is to teach lessons needed for survival.
Our digital "wildlife" that we use for research and entertainment has been taken over by corporations; this is no secret. We have yet to revolt on a large scale to break the hands of those who shoved us in cages and treat us as no more than consumers of product. We need a point of hope. Something simple to look forward to.
And so I propose, the Moe Cult Circle, where we worship the power of cute anime girls and the Budding / Burning feeling of moe (萌え) for our strengh to inspire hope!

Moe 萌え
Used to describe the burning passion and budding feelings accociated with innocence and purity. It is common slang for otaku to describe their feelings twords fictional characters. The sharing and discussion of points of moe are central to our beliefs. These principles (or prefrences) of admiration can be built upon through discussion and creative prusuits.

Cult カルト
This refers to our cause in it's entirety. The cult is democratically run by any circle member looking to lend a hand. This acts as a larger network that shares projects and information for all members.

Circle サークル
Each smaller group (circle) is made up of 6 people. Any group can have less than 6, but once a 6th member has been introduced the circle is closed. Circles are primarally self & democratically managed, and can act independantly of the Moe Cult Circle as a Cult.