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Bullet PointDate: 8/24/23
Bullet PointTarot Card OTD: Ten of Cups
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Astrophysics - Apathy
Garoad - VA-11 Hall-A
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Ryza no Atelier, ep 1
Nichijou, ep 5-8
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Overwatch 2 - Blizard
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Kaminare by Yakumi Sarai
A Certain Witch's Fantasies by Toran

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[ 9:27am ]
Just got all my dailies done; and I have some ideas. Yesterday before going to bed I spent some time looking at this oldweb site about ancient egyptian artifacts, and sending some of the funny / cute ones to my friend. One of them has been stuck in my head; and I have a sewing project I want to make dedicated to him.
So first up, here he is!

This lil cutie is at the Brittish Museum (ew), and hes been on my mind since I saw him.
I wanted to make saddle bags for my bike to keep emergency gear, survival stuff, and some personal belongings so I can always be prepared, and I want to make 2 creatures inspired by the Him to be little round bags!
Some features I wanted were a clip to put my helmet on, some way to keep it water resistant, be machine washable, and have some pockets on the inside for things I would use often.
I think due to his color I'm gonna go with jean as the material, though I'm not quite sure how to waterproof it yet. Or I might scrap it being waterproof and take the saddle bags off on rainy days.
Anyways, today I wanna go thrifting and find a few pairs of jeans to use as fabric, and maybe some attatchments and accsesories.
I hope this is morally sound too? From the description he was just a palette and not a ceremonial piece. I wouldn't want to be using ritual artifacts as inspiration for a bike accsesory lol.
My bf is home right now on break, but when he goes I'm gonna go to work and get that done, and by then the thrift should be open? I think its open mon wed thur fri from 12-2pm in the summer but im not 100% sure.
Also I don't even own a sewing machine, but I hope that by asking arround or if someone donated one to the thrift I could eventually get my hands on one... but i also dont even have a table to sit her on...
I want to start sewing really badly and making wacky lil inventions but the startup costs are horrible.
[ 10:01am ]
On my way~
[ 10:03am ]
Just got here, the walk is scarry as always. But I realized that I hadn't asked my boss what floor needed cleaning. Thankfully she got back to me really quickly.
[ 10:56am ]
(Note to myself- timecheck 48 minutes)
Since I couldn't do laundry last time; there is 4 loads of laundry to be done before I can sweep up & put them on the bed. Only problem is that I got done with cleaning before the first load even got done in the washer. So the next 3-4 hours is gonna be just fucking arround until it's time to change laundry over and over again rip. Also my pants got uncomfortably wet while doing the bathroom so u have to wait for them to air dry a bit.
Though that does mean that I can do whatever in between; including going home. If I didn't have a fear of people this would be great; I could watch anime, walk to work for 5 minutes and change some laundry, and then go back and get paid for my anime watching. Idk what to do on my phone here for 4+ hours... sighs... time to use my good kitty food in neko atsume ig.
Also there is nothing more saddening than cleaning a toilet only to realize after doing so that you need to use it.
[ 11:23am ]
Back home for 1 hour 40 minutes~
I smell like shit but the walk wasnt terrible. Gonna play overwatch now.
[ 11:44am ]
My first match is so ass it made me want to uninstall. Is there such thing as oppisite smurfing; where you get a full bronze 5 team in a gold 4 lobby? Cause thats basically what happened; they just dove in as soon as they respawned one at a time and died. Anytime i tried to stay with someone they would ignore callouts and didnt use cover at all. Its kuyashi.
[ 12:23pm ]
Just finished the first episode of the Ryza anime in time to go back and change laundry. It was pretty basic imo. But man I would have loved to be in the storybording meeting when the team was told to put Ryza's thighs and/or ass as the main focus of almost every scene. I mean theres a reason it sells so well. Some of the scenes were just plain bonkers though. Especially with how glossy and over detailed they are in every scene compared to... everything else. Ryza herself is a classic genki girl (wich i love), and her design is phenominal. I wonder how she feels about her 2 best friends having rough gay sex without her knowlege every time they are off screen though.
[ 12:32pm ]
Just felt the most gut-wrenching primal fear after walking 10 feet from home and ran back. I dont know what that was and I am not prepared to find out. I've had that same reaction a few other times in my life, and when I've ignored it I have been sexually assulted or otherwise traumatized badly. I might ask bf to drive me over when he gets home.
[ 1:00pm ]
Chiyari from the Th19 is so real. It's been funny watching the translations come out after her design was revealed.
/jp/ said she looks like shes a neet and smells.
/jp/ said that was gonna be the fannon and shes gonna be mischaracterized badly. That is not her in cannon.
/jp/ then translates some lines and finds out that she is, in fact, cannonically a hikimori> ("To a hikimori, talking to himself is like talking to two people!" (vs herself)) and smelly ("It's amazing that you avoid me so blatantly, is it my smell?" (vs Seiran)).
Also funny to find out that Hecatia's Welcome Hell shirt and Chiyari's Welcome To Hell shirt are from a fashion brand that is apparently very popular in hell. At least she's 'fashionable', even with the rather boring design.
She keeps growing on me. Also I think its funny that she is feared for being a Chupacabra but thats just a rumor because she drinks blood and is actually a Tenjakin. It's even her last name for gods sakes!
What's so wrong with her drinking blood and making her hikimori hideout a massive oily pool of blood in hell? So what if she smells like the decaying corpses she takes a bath in?
So judgemental, gosh.

She's just vibing. Look at that slight cat face. The bad posture. Shes so real.
Speaking of Th19 fan reactions; why is Zanmu so forgotten and Hisami so popular? Zanmu has some of the best backstory & character motivations in the cast, but because her design is 'boring' she dosent get very much attention. Especially hurts when her human buddist past is the reason for most of the design elements that get critisized. Also human-turned-youkai are so intresting in Touhou; giving up your humanity is a pretty big deal and the reasons for each character doing so have to be vital to their person. Like, isn't Marisa being an "ordinary magician" create a constant reminder of that line in the sand?
And Hisami's design and character sucks imo. She's literally a manipulative salesman who gets paid for making people want to go to hell. I mean, I can see the doujinshi posibilities, but in terms of an intresting person? Her other notable feature is her devotion to Zanmu, but once again a character trait that seems to exist just for doujinshi.
Funny how Chiyari gets so much shit for being a 'fan service' character when Hisami's only defining character traits are being manipulative and maybe liking another girl (i don't want to get into the drama surrounding the translations, but lets be honest thats a big part of her appeal).
Anyways its been 30 minutes im tired of talking about touhou to the maybe 1-2 people who will ever read this if anyone does at all. It's just screaming into a void to understand things better. To a hikimori, talking to himself is like talking to two people.
[ 1:57pm ]
Back again with this epic post/theory proving how cool Zanmu is.

[ 3:29pm ]
Reading an alice x marisa doujin. I love the pairing, but ever since reading Flan Wants To Die by tsukumizu I can't think of it the same anymore.
Spoilers for Flan Wants To Die! It's short and bitter if you haven't read it yet.
The scene of Alice picking up the remaints of Marisa's dead body after puppeting it stuck with me man. The fact that Marisa will die first makes the pairing that much more painful.
Spoilers over.
It kinda spoiled my taste a bit. Every time I see fanworks of them together, I can't help but think about it.
[ 8:22pm ]
Ive literally been watching overwatch videos since last post lol. Especially spectating cheaters, funny as fuck. Nothing to report of value.
[ 10:37pm ]
There was a really cool moon tonight, so I got high and watched it with Kaguya fumo.
After that I watched Nichijou and made some premade cookies.