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Bullet PointDate: 8/20/23
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Mushoku Tensei s2, ep 7
Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai Suru, ep 7
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale s2, ep 7
Genjitsu no Yohane, ep 8
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[ 10:52am ]
Just got done with morning routine. I'm still super tired from staying up late last night and I wanna sleeeeep
But also my bf's mom said that she wanted to go on a day trip today since she heard that I hadn't been to a lot of the nature spots here. And though i'm tired i'd be really exited to go. But we havent heard anything from her yet and my bf basically says that it probably isnt happening.
... and also I have cleaning work that i can start today. but i will cry and throw up if i have to go.
[ 3:24pm ]
Bf and I took a cat nap together, other than that its just been watching animu and feeling tired. We are going over to bf's mom's for dinner soon (i should really wash my hair but ugh)
Watching animu now.
[ 3:56pm ]
Gonna play overwatch now, its been a long while since i've played lol