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Bullet PointDate: 8/12/23
Bullet PointTarot Card OTD: King of Swords
Bullet PointListening To:
Bullet PointWatching:
Genjitsu no Yohane, ep 7
Sugar Apple Fairy Tale s2, ep 4-5
Kizuna no Allele, ep 12
IM@S Cinderella Girls U149, ep 11
Soulth Park s17, ep 2-3
Bullet PointPlaying:

✔️ important mark Laundry
✔️ important mark Sweep
✔️ important mark Clean bathtub
- Wash Hair
✔️ Make granola
- Dinner: breakfast burritos w leftover fish nuggies
[ 8:42am ]
Just did my dailies and started some laundry. Maybe gonna work on the shrine page today? Its a possibility. Or read visual novels. It's a pretty stormy day so perfect for comfy activities.
My bf really liked the granola I made last time, so I'm making more today. We have a lot of food now I dont think I've ever seen our frige so stocked. Its nice desu.
[ 9:39am ]
Baking the granola & sweeping / mopping in the meantime. I hate sweeping & mopping w a passion but if i do it for a short timer and say i can stop after that then i tend to be able to get it done pretty quick. And then maybe clean the bathtub next so I can get all the big ticket things to do out of the way first thing.
I still need to turn & fold laundry of course, but that can be done while stoned.
[ 10:21am ]
noooo my mop broke
ill need to ask my boss about getting another one, but the heat dosent work anymore
[ 11:55am ]
Watched anime and had brekky. Genjitsu no Yohane sleepover episode was super cute. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale great as always. Kizuna no Allele was ass. IM@S U149 had been so good from start to finish.
I haven't even opened my torrent client in 2 weeks cause I can't even get the seedbox so that I will be able to torrent with my horrible speeds getting me blacklisted. All of them require some linux to function, and I don't have the money for even the cheapest ones. I dont wanna give up the pirate life!
Anyways I decided that I will make a desicion after I have exausted my already downloaded library, since I plan to set it up on a flash drive so I can have more storage so I should finish up everything I currently have. I do have a folder just for torrents that I want to add or seed after the fact so that they are safe.
I do wanna watch the last episode of U149 though ;-; might resort to streaming. btw SugeAnime is my favorite of the bunch. Zoro / recent rebrand to is higher quality, but dosent have as good of a library. worth checking first though.
[ 1:40pm ]
Watched Soulth Park while doing the dishes and folding laundry. feels good. I think that if I just work when sober and then when there isnt anything else to do get high i could feel more well rested. normally after first batch of chores im exausted but if i get high once i sober up i feel relaxed and like my stats went back down to normal.
Possibly a horrible idea, but its all I got for now.