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Bullet PointDate: 8/11/23
Bullet PointMood: Productive, but exausted
Bullet PointTarot Card OTD: Death
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Overwatch 2 - Blizzard (PC)
My Pet Shop - Square Enix (Nintendo DS)

✔️ important mark Clean Bathroom
✔️ important mark Clean Keureg
✔️ important mark Make Bread
❌ Clean bong & leave to sit overnight
✔️ Make dinner
❌ Work on bike
[ 9:41am ]
literally just woke up
Bf is going straight to vidya and half asleep me just zombied over like i was gonna play vidya too. Forgot to clean my bong last night so it will have to wait till tonight.
I'll go and do the morning duties now~
[ 10:33am ]
Quick cleanup (including the bathroom)~
Bf and I are gonna play some more overwatch.
[ 12:20pm ]
Played a lot of overwatch and had some oatmeal for brekky.
I wanna lay out some site changes that I hope to make next update. I havent really wanted to work on the site but I still have some ideas for when I get that spark of motivation again:
- Change the sizing of the diary entry backgrounds
- Add more intrests and break up the old ones into seperate categories. New entries include: CGDCT, 4ch, FKMT, Visual Novels, Virtual Pets, Overwatch, Touhou, Electronic music, Denpa.
- On main site: tewak the viewport settings
- Make compressed / smaller versions of all of the graphics to be used for each indivitual page.
- Make every section's graphics on the site have a dedicated media folder
And then next part of the site I want to work on is starting the shrine. I'm thinking earthy tones and every shrine I'd make has a link/icon to it. Whole page is vaugely sanae themed / moiyra shrine / shinto shrine themed, made to look expansive and wonderous.
I'll go play pet game now
[ 3:20pm ]
Making some bread and made a grocery trip~
We got everything on the list and the pantry/frige/freezer is stocked full now. feels good. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Exept at the grocery store while I was looking for something one of the workers asked if they could help me find anything and I couldnt respond and just ran off. But it got done! The world didnt end!
Bread is looking good, and we r gonna make fish nuggies tonight, gotta find a recipie now.
[ 7:24pm ]
Made fish nuggies & fries. Damn that took almost 3 hours and counting. Won't do again. You have to do them 3 at a time and they take 10 minutes each so i have a baking sheet w everything completed in the oven for 170 to keep it warm enough.
im so tired but its the last batch. and then bf and i are gonna go on a nice walk and then play overwatch with my old roomie / friend :D
Still seriously thinking about making a fanlisting for My Pet Shop. Thinking about making a zine as an introduction to the game that leads to a fanlisting complete w graphics to display and a page where fans can send in screenshots of their animals to be featured w their websites. I could even make a barebones forum. Its a cute and fun game, and getting more people into it as a change of pace would be a good goal.
Next day Aaron here~
We we went on the walk, our favorite stray cat Tobby "Tomcat" Tabby came along with us. The first half my boyfriend carried him, once we got there we hung out and he loved the attention. On the way back we let him walk; it was pretty funny watching him try and be sneaky about walking with us (going under cars, behind bushes, trying to stay invisible) and whenever we would look at him he would stop and stare back lol. He's a character.
After that we played overwatch with my old roomie / friend, and like queing with 3+ people tends to go, we kicked ass and got our asses kicked right back to us. Overwatch just stops caring about skill levels in placement as soon as you join a group it seems.
I forgot to wash my face tho and this morning i woke up with a painfull pimple on my chin (its always the 1 time you dont).